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Rahul has performed and recorded with several reputed artists in field of Indian Classical, Folk, Rock, Jazz, Fleminco, World Music Fusion.

Some artist collaborations are listed below.


Indian Music 
  • Anupama Bhagwat, Sitar, Bangalore

  • Ravindra Chari, Sitar, Mumbai

  • Ustad Shafiq Khan, Sitar, Dharwad

  • Prabir Bhattachayra, Sitar, Kolkata

  • Sanjeev Korti, Sitar, Bangalore

  • K.G. Westman, Sitar, Sweden


World Music 
  • Amit Heri, Jazz Guitar and Composition, Bangalore

  • Ravi Iyer, Guitar and Composition, Mumbai

  • Lisa Patterson, Piano and Vocals, Canada

  • Peter Dickson, Fleminco Guitar and Composition, Australia

  • Jay Srinivasan, Bass, USA

  • Grzech Piotrowski, Saxophone and Composition, Poland

  • Monica Heldal, Vocals and Composition, Norway

  • Swarathma, Folk Rock Band, India

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